About Us

Hey, you found us! We’re so excited to welcome you here.

The Pantastics workshop and online community represent a welcoming and friendly space for everyone who loves to own or create unique upcycled clothing, accessories, and homewares. We’re all about crafting treasures that are not only good for the planet, but also good for our minds, bodies, and souls.

We believe that the things we cherish should showcase so much more than our sense of style or favourite colours. That’s why we’re passionate about turning ethical and sustainably sourced materials into handmade magic that will align with your heart and lift your spirit. We make a point of charging every stitch with positive energy!


I'm the founder of Pantastics and I've been designing an creating clothing and accessories for over 10 years. As a self-taught intuitive sewer I take inspiration from the clothes I love, adapting and stylising them in a way that makes me feel funky and confident, while also minimising my impact on the planet by turning old items into something new and saving them from landfill.

Performing arts is my background and I love all things theatre, film, and music. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved to dress up, but eventually I realised there was more to my passion than that. As someone with a big imagination, I can look at an item of clothing or piece of fabric and transform it in my mind! My style is definitely not what you see in mainstream shops, and today, I create unique pieces to last, to be loved.

With Pantastics, my goal is to create connection, sustaining my little family by stitching real purpose and happiness into my life and yours. I have a million ideas in my head, and one by one, I am bringing them to life so that I can share them with you!


I'm chief content writer and the go-to computer nerd behind the scenes here at Pantastics. I'm also a commercial copywriter and novelist based in the rolling foothills of Central Portugal, which is where I met Panama, when she came down the mountain! Of course, I immediately fell in love with her creations.

When I'm not tinkering with websites, writing about sustainable fashion, or dreaming up quirky fiction, I enjoy nothing more than hunting down must-have upcycled clothing online. So hurry over to the shop, before I grab all those goodies for myself!